Ditch the Diet Mentality!

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Ditch the Diet Mentality!

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Eat more consciously and intuitively with this resource e-book offering tips and tricks as well as a 7-day sample meal guide plan to help you eat healthier & build long-term sustainable habits.


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Digital download (22-page PDF)

The e-book has the following:
- Welcome Note & Contents Page

- Intuitive Eating Assessment  
- 10-Principles of Intuitive Eating  
- Goal Setting 
- Foods to Eat
- Foods to Avoid  
- Smart Swaps
- 7-Day Sample Meal Plan 
- Appendices: The Hunger-Fullness Scale, Emotional Eating Worksheet, Weekly Meal Planner, Food Diary


The content provided is written by licensed dietitians based on their knowledge, expertise and resources. It is designed for personal and general information only.

It is not intended as medical advice, medical nutrition therapy or one-on-one counselingBefore you start any weight loss program or change your diet and lifestyle, it is best to consult with your physician &/or other licensed healthcare practitioner.