Welcome to KeepEATreal.

We are a UAE-based nutrition and food consultancy specializing in menu optimization, nutrition analysis, recipe development, corporate and group wellness.

Founded by licensed dietitians with a combined 25-years experience, Maria Abi Hanna and Nadine Tayara, KeepEATreal works with restaurants, cafés, f&b outlets, groceries, and hotels to create tailor-made nutrition solutions that suits their business needs, improve long-term health and well-being, and help enhance their offerings to clients, customers and employees.  


Here's a snapshot of our services

There are a lot of areas that fall under the general scope of food and nutrition, but we’re here to make it easily digestible – both literally and figuratively. Whatever you need, we’ll work with you to find competitive bespoke nutrition solutions that suit you.

Menu Consultancy

Devising delicious disheS + recipes

Do you want to create a new food concept from scratch? Or perhaps you need help with existing recipes or menus to make them healthier? We work closely with food development teams to bring better nutritional balance without compromising on taste.

Nutrition Analysis + Food Labeling

get the nutrition facts right

As people become more health conscious there is a demand for food that not only tastes great but provides more nutritious value. KeepEATreal works closely with the f & b sector to bring better nutritional balance to their menu and products.


Corporate & Group Wellness

creating healthier + happier lives

At KeepEATreal, we want to empower the community to take control of their health and eating habits by providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to live the healthiest lives possible. We offer group seminars and private coaching within a business or social environment or assist at wellness retreats.

Marketing + Social Media Spokesperson

Generating a healthy image for your brand

Adopting a healthy concept at your business is an excellent first step. Now you need people to know about it. That’s where KeepEATreal comes in. We can work as an extension of your marketing efforts to help promote your health and nutrition claims across all marketing collateral and social media platforms.