Spice up Your Menu with these Top 5 Healthy Food Trends

The restaurant and food industry trends are constantly changing, with new products and dishes coming out all the time! As consumers, we are always on the lookout for new and trending dishes to satisfy our ever-changing palate taste. The prevailing trend for this decade has been for products that appeal to the more health-conscious consumer with a growing trend for more plant-based options. Here’s a few of the top restaurant food trends for 2019:


1.       Vegan & Plant Based Foods is a growing trend

Plant-based foods has been on the rise for a few years now; with many people, including meat-eaters, adopting the Meatless Monday phenomena not just one day a week, but even more! Plant-based foods that have the same texture of meat is also a growing movement. A good example is the jackfruit, its taste is being used in a variety of dishes to match the taste of meat.

2.       Seaweed anyone?

Versatile super food sea vegetables such as seaweed, and other sea greens are packed with antioxidants and are rich in various essential minerals such as calcium, copper, magnesium, and iron.

3.       Tahini & Super Seeds in Everything!

With natural nut butters being such a great addition to a healthy diet, we will now be seeing the use of tahini in even more food items besides hummus! From dressings, to brownies and veggie dips to enjoying more seed butters like sunflower and pumpkin on our toast!


4.       Say Goodbye to Sugars

Consuming too much sugar is associated to many health problems; so, it’s time we start reducing our intake of added sugars and artificial sweeteners while including more whole foods to our diets and choosing other alternatives such as fresh fruit, and explore new options like monk fruit.

5.       Join the #IAMNOTPLASTIC movement

More and more eateries and restaurants are becoming conscious of the amount of plastic being used and are leading by example to make efforts to reduce the amount of plastic they serve; from delivery apps giving options to consumers to choose not to have cutlery delivered with their meals, to using more eco-friendly packaging and stopping the use of plastic straws. As a restaurant owner, and a consumer, we have a responsibility to look at various ways to help protect our environment and planet we live on by making more conscious eating choices