How Hiring an NLP Coach Can Transform Your Life?

Every day is a chance to change your life

Personal coaching, life coaching, and NLP coaching allows you to have a professional in your life who can help you when you feel most lost or alone, or when you’re feeling stuck and ready to level up.

NLP stands for:

NeuroThe Mind & How We Think

LinguisticWhat We Say, the Language We Use & How it Affects Us

ProgrammingWhat We Do – How We run our Actions to Achieve our Goals 

It is a powerful and effective concept that allows you to have a better understanding of how you organize your thoughts and feelings, your language and communication and your actions and behaviors to produce the results they do, within the real world. Once you can harness this understanding, you’ll start seeing your life transform.

NLP practitioners and coaches ask you the right questions to help you find clarity from within. They have a toolbox of techniques they can teach you to stop negative self-talk, react to situations rationally, and find inner peace.


How Can it Help You?

If you’re a person who has always felt called to do more with your life or feel dissatisfied with your own but aren’t sure what direction to take that will lead you to happiness, then coaching is perfect for you.

Coaching is all about helping you get the most out of life – and get the life you truly want. There are so many beliefs we hold that are not our own but are instead learned and held as truths from our family, friends and society, that aren’t true but limit us.

Coaching will help you feel more happiness overall, and not seek happiness from negative places or stick to negative patterns. If you’re someone who finds themselves always with something to moan about or seeing patterns of moving from one bad situation to another, a coach can help you pull you above it, see things differently, as you change your behavior to the positive.


Why Hire an NLP Coach?

An NLP coach will help you think about things with less emotional attachment and allow you to free yourself from societal pressures. NLP is about seeing things truly objectively, and then being able to move on with life in a way that will best serve you. When you have the guidance of a coach, you’ll have a trained professional on your side to take you through each step and help you move on further with your goals. Coaching is about asking questions and active listening, and together with your coach, you will set goals that motivate you in a healthy way.

With an NLP coach on-side, you’ll accomplish your goals and projects more quickly, both in your professional and personal life, as they’ll be there to guide you, teach you techniques and strategies to help you move forward and bring you a greater perspective on what it is you are looking for. We can apply NLP tools and techniques to whatever it is we want to improve, from how you think, feel and do something! 

Did you know that you have more than one brain?

In fact, we have 3-intelligences: our Head Centre, our Heart Centre and our Gut Centre

mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) also known as mBraining is a new coaching modality and is based on neuroscience research identifying multiple brains within the body; and it’s through the process of communication, alignment and integration of these 3-brains together that we can achieve specific outcomes.  

The process of mBraining brings insights that allow you to communicate with your multiple intelligences in your Head, Heart & Gut to access your highest expressions of creativity, compassion and courage as well as tap into your innate wisdom. 

Nadine Tayara   Licensed Dietitian, Certified  m BIT and NLP Master Coach, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapist Master Practitioner

Nadine Tayara

Licensed Dietitian, Certified mBIT and NLP Master Coach, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapist Master Practitioner

Is coaching for you?

Being healthy is more than just eating well, achieving and maintain a healthy weight and being physically active!

As a licensed dietitian, master NLP coach and certified mBIT coach, I believe that our health is dependent on many different areas in our lives, from stress management to relationships to family to career to how we nourish our mind, body and soul and so much more!  I am here to facilitate, support and guide you through your journey of transformation; both inside and out. 

With our sessions, you will be able to unlock your highest potential to reach your wellness goals. This is your opportunity to take your life from good to GREAT!

So, are you ready to transform your life? If yes, then schedule a FREE 30-minute discovery session to learn more about coaching and see if it’s right for you or you may even know of someone who might find it beneficial! I would love to chat with you, so let's talk!