Why Your Restaurant Needs a Dietitian?

Nowadays eating out (or ordering in) is more popular than ever. Customers though are also becoming more health-conscious, and expectations of nutritional information being available on menus are becoming more and more prevalent. Diners expect to know what’s in their food and what options are available for people with dietary restriction such as gluten-free, vegan, dairy free etc.

With that being said, more and more restaurants are turning to in-house or consultant dietitians and nutritionists to assist them.


What Will A Dietitian Do?

Dietitians’ responsibilities are wide-reaching and varied, but typically they will assist chefs with the development of menus and recipes, vet potential ingredients and products, lead staff and customer education, offer nutritional advice to customers, research food trends, run competitive analysis, and even work as a brand ambassador as they communicate directly with your customers to offer information and advice.

Dietitians Keep You Up to Date With Regulation and Food Safety

Dietitians ensure you are keeping up to date on food safety and complying with FDA regulations. They can also advise you on food safety training for your staff, as well as allergen labeling and allergy protocol training.

Dietitians Understand Health Claims, Diets and Food Labeling

Dietitians are able to tell you exactly what on your menu can be called gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, keto, or any other term you want to add to your menu to indicate to diners what dietary restrictions you cater to.  When you make it easy for customers to know what they can and can’t eat and offer them a reliable source of health information, they are surely to come back again.


Dietitians Can Save You Money

Brands which don’t use a dietitian will often have to pay a third party to attain the nutritional information for labeling and to comply with FDA regulations. If you have  a consulting dietitian on board who knows your brand well, you will save on fees, get the benefit of their expertise into your menu development, public relations and marketing. A dietitian will develop relationships with your customers and help gain their loyalty and trust.

Finally, working with dietitian is not a new idea, but as diners look for more transparency and nutritional information about the food they are served, it is becoming an important one and added value to both the F&B sector as well as consumers.