Nourish Your Mind, Body & Soul this Ramadan

When following healthy eating guidelines, staying active and being well-hydrated, fasting has shown positive effects on our health from improved blood cholesterol levels, blood pressure and may even help in weight loss.

Fasting gives us the chance to practice self-control, self-discipline, and cleanse the body and mind.


Break Your Fast with a Healthy Iftar

As tradition says break your fast with a glass of water and some dates to restore your energy and sugar levels. Drink low-fat laban instead of juices, soft drinks, or other sugary beverages. Start your meal with a warm soup such as lentil soup or clear vegetable soup as it comforts the stomach after a long day of fasting and helps prepare your digestive system for the main course.

A balanced meal consists of portioning your plate into three parts: half of it vegetables, a quarter complex carbohydrate and the other quarter lean protein. Make smart food choices and choose healthy cooking methods like baked or grilled rather than fried. Go for baked sambosa or fatayer instead of fried items.

Remember to eat mindfully and slowly, savor your food, and avoid eating too quickly to prevent indigestion and heartburn.


Prepare Your Body for the Hours of Fasting with a well-balanced Suhour

A wholesome Suhour keeps your sugar levels stable and delays hunger pangs through the day. The meal should consist of four main food groups: complex carbohydrates like whole-wheat bread and brown rice, lean protein and fresh vegetables and fruits. Make sure you drink at least 2 L of water to stay well-hydrated during the day.

Make Smart Choices when Eating Out

Restaurant invites, family and friends’ gatherings are all a big part of the holy month of Ramadan. With the variety of restaurants and extensive buffet options, making smart food choices can be a bit overwhelming. Choosing the right restaurant makes it much easier. We usually prefer “a la carte” restaurants or “set menus” rather than buffets.


Places we like to go to or order from in Dubai include Urth by Nabz&G for some delicious vegan and vegetarian food, Leila Restaurant for authentic Lebanese cuisine, and healthy manakeesh on whole-wheat or gluten-free dough from Something Baked is always a good option for Suhour.

As dessert is a weak point for us, the healthy line of Skinny Delites from Right Bite always has some good options when it comes to low-calorie Arabic desserts, energy balls from Sweetfix by Rita are always a favorite, and all-natural energy bars from Nbars for an on-the go snack.

 Finally, as this blessed month is about to start, we wish you and your loved ones Ramadan Kareem! 

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