Bet You Didn’t Know This About Us!

As similar as we are, we are actually very different in so many ways! Here’s a little bit of an insider’s peak into our lives and who we are!

As similar as we are, we are actually very different in so many ways! Here’s a little bit of an insider’s peak into our lives and who we are!

Both Foodies at Heart, we almost never agree on what we are going to eat together!

We would never order the same thing, and though Maria can almost predict it’s either a pizza or flatbread option for me; it’s safe to say she’s definitely the more daring one between the two of us! Maria almost never says no to trying different foods, cuisines, and flavors!

Hot or Cold for Meals?

Maria must eat her meals when they are super-hot, while I love mine cold, so this works out in my favor when we are taking review or food pics, as it takes time to get that one picture right when posting!

Our Favorite Foods


Ask us what foods we cannot live without and it would be Lebanese, homemade stew-like meals for Maria

I am the smoothie, large salads, avo on toast, and acai bowls kind of person!

I am the smoothie, large salads, avo on toast, and acai bowls kind of person!

When we do have that sweet-tooth indulgence, it almost always ends up being more than one option…I am an apple pie with ice cream or lemon meringue kind of dessert junkie, while Maria wants her chocolate fondant, brownie or sticky date pudding craving satisfied! And let’s not mention how different our ice cream flavors are, sorbet to chocolate or cookie-dough flavor! 

And, our only common love for food is that of fries! 

Morning routines are totally opposite!

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Americano in one hand, while the other is sipping on a full fat cappuccino

I am the early riser suffering from major insomnia, while Maria, being the night owl, that she is, enjoys the pleasure of sleeping in, especially when she isn’t working at the clinic

We almost never speak to one another before 10 am!

Our working style is quite similar & quite different too

We complement each other’s strong suits and weaknesses. My personality allows for me to be more creative and artsy with the work we produce, you are almost certain to find me roaming around Creative Minds at least once a week; especially for any arts and crafts workshops we create!

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Maria is very broad picture while I am the more detail oriented, OCD business partner! And so, you’ll find me with a million notepads and pens, and you can almost bet that she will not even have one! She prefers to ‘store’ information in her mind, and I know that will never work for me, as am more of a visual person, and need to have things written down and put into excel sheets and calendars as not to forget!

Think you will find us at the movies together?

Our love for movies and the world of film is nothing alike! We just remembered that the last time we ever watched a movie together in the theatre was a good 2-years ago! We will never forget it, as we watched ‘Me Before You’ and both totally cried our eyes out, and that was pretty much the last time we ever agreed on a movie! You’ll find me watching more independent, crime and documentary movies or series, and Maria goes for all the chick flick comedy ones!

We both love to read…but we won’t be buying the same books

Our interests in books and world issues are total ends of the spectrum too! My gypsy soul is quite visible at home, with my apartment filled with wall-mounted quotes, affirmations and a bunch of books lying around about personal development, self-love, personal growth, coaching, yoga and positive thinking! Maria, on the other hand, is a junkie for all book, blogs and things related to business, leadership, and entrepreneurship! She’s definitely the first one to know all the news, good and bad, happening in this world and so I rely on her to update me on all this as I never read nor hear the news! 

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Our values about life are very similar

We are blessed to support one another, encourage, and push each other to grow and see our dreams come true!

And as much as we work together, we are lucky to also find that balance between friendship, sisterhood and entrepreneurship. Most weekends, unless we happen to be working or hosting workshops, we actually do not see each other much; and then again, our typical work week is never too typical!