This Year I Will...

Take a moment for yourself.

And as you gently close your eyes, allow yourself to take a deep breath in through your nose and then exhale gently through your mouth, just for this moment – clear your mind

And then, I would like to ask you to complete these sentences with ONE word each:

2018 was a year of ________________________________________________!

2019 is a year of __________________________________________________!

And now, gently open your eyes and embrace how 2018 was and all the learnings that came with it, and how 2019 will be for you!  

As we ran a mini poll between family and friends, it was beautiful to see how the past year has been for a lot of us, and how we aim to channel our energy to welcome the new year! Here are some of the answers we got:

For us, 2018 was a year of Challenge, while 2019 is a year of Change

As we set our intention forward, we want to share with you ways to help you connect with yourself and those around you even more, to help flourish and grow the next 365 days ahead!

Let 2019 be the year you:

  • Love Yourself More - this is a hard one for a lot of people, however what if you devoted this year to falling in love with your mind, body and soul more! Take time to take care of yourself, set boundaries, be gentle and most of all be kind to yourself!

  • Celebrate L.I.F.E - embrace every waking day with an attitude of gratitude! Wake up each morning and truly celebrate the life that you have; from the simplest of things to the biggest celebrations.

  • Spend More Time Learning - pick up a new book, learn a new language, sign up to an online course! Enrich your mind everyday

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”
— Tony Robbins
  • Get More Sleep - one of the pillars of good health, is good sleep! Get into a ritual to create a calming and soothing environment to help you go to bed, peacefully! Some of the things we like to do is 1. have our diffuser with lavender oil on at least an-hour before bedtime 2. disconnect from our phones, emails, and any notifications at least 30-minutes before bedtime 3. enjoy a herbal tea

  • Create a 20-minute Morning Ritual - with our lives being so hectic and faced-paced, having a 20-minute morning ritual for ourselves is so crucial! You can create your own ritual that best suits your personality, lifestyle and goals. This is how we like to start our morning: upon waking up, for the first 10-mins, we sip on warm water with a squeeze of lemon, and journal any thoughts or dreams from the night before. The next 10-minutes are for self-reflection and gratitude journaling while the last 10-minutes are spent meditating, being present and still. Cherish this ME time

  • Meditate More - even if it is just for 5-minutes a day, allow yourself to be silent, be still and be open to receiving

  • Drink Celery Juice - definitely the latest trending thing to do, however with good reason! We’ve gotten into the ritual of juicing celery every morning and having about 500 ml first thing before we have anything else! Celery has many benefits some of which promote better digestion, reduced inflammation and is a powerhouse of anti-oxidants

  • Keep in Touch with Old Friends

  • Challenge Yourself CONSTANTLY! - Last year was challenge after challenge for us, it tested us on so many fronts, and yet with each challenge, we asked ourselves what is there to learn from all this. Don’t be scared of challenge, it all leads to growth!

  • Spend Less & Save More

  • Limit Screen Time - we’ve recently started using this option on our smart phone and it has been amazing! Best part is that you can set screen time for virtually whatever it is you want…from social media accounts, emails, games and anything else you feel might be taking up too much of your time, while you could be enjoying something else without being connected to your phone!

  • Eat more Fruits & Veggies

  • Fill Your Happiness Jar - we love this as it gives you an opportunity every day for the next 365 days to fill up a jar with something that made you happy! All you need to do is 1. get a glass jar 2. think of something that makes you happy or made you happy on that specific day 3. write it down on a piece of paper 4. roll it up and put it in the jar 5. whenever you need a little pick-me-up, open one of your happiness moments 6. by the end of the year, you’d have 365 things that made you happy and grateful!

  • Drink More Water

  • Travel Somewhere You’ve Never been Before - be daring and be adventurous! Meet new people, explore new cities, make new friends and have beautiful experiences that nourish your soul!


As we enter this coming year with lots of inspired actions, powerful and moving words to live by; we wish you a year ahead that is filled with contentment, peace, happiness and good health!