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Here’s what you wanted to know about the ladies behind KeepEATreal. We get asked so many different questions, some that are personal, others related to our blog and some really interesting and quirky lifestyle questions, and we embrace all of them with an open heart!

We absolutely love what we do, we don’t for a second feel that we are working a typical 9 – 5 job, and that for us is an absolute blessing! Crunching in all the long hours, endless emails back and forth, random voice notes to one another about what to post, what projects to take on and when are we going to book our next vacation, when we are still on a vacation! Our approach to our health, life and fitness is quite simple…we believe in moderation, balance, fun and living life to the utmost fullest! So here are a few questions that we thought of answering for you guys, to get a little bit more up close and personal with us!

How did all this begin?
We’ve always had it in the back of our minds that we wanted to start something on our own and see it grow. During our counseling sessions, we used to get asked so often about what to order when eating at restaurants which is something we do so often in Dubai and initially we started KeepEATreal as a blog to tell people how and where they can dine out in a heathy way. Now, two
years down the line, we decided to take this a step further and set it up as a nutrition consultancy for the community as a whole and mainly for the food and beverage as well as schools and other corporate entities.

Any kitchen bloopers? Or does the recipe always come out, just right?
The amount of times the cake didn’t bake properly or suddenly went flat is countless! We’ve definitely had our fair share of kitchen bloopers but that’s part of the fun! Being novice in the kitchen, our recipes are simple to follow and our kitchen disasters have gotten less and less the more we practice!

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What’s the craziest thing you have done to take that perfect Instagram photo?
Standing on chairs or trying to lie as flat as possible on the ground, I think we’ve done it all!

What’s your life motto?
Nadine: For me, my life motto is quite simple, and that is to just go with the flow and not take life too seriously! I spend my days being positive, somewhat worry free and spreading as much love and kindness everywhere I go. I believe in KARMA, the good karma of course, and that is if you do good, good things will happen to you; and it’s all about the energy I give off, and as such attract that same kind of energy to lead a happy, positive, and healthy mind, body and soul…I know, it’s a bit of a long motto…but that’s what I believe works for me!

Maria: Life is too short not to be happy, always see the good in people, don’t stress about the little things and always be grateful for what you have. Things always have a way of working out for the best and everything happens for a reason!

Tell us something people don’t really know about you:

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Maria: I LOVE the beach…it’s my happy place and where I go to when I need to unwind.

Nadine: I LOVE poetry…I read a lot of different poems, and get inspired to do a lot of personal journaling as well; it’s my way to disconnect from the world and really connect with my emotions and be present.

What inspires you to get out of bed every morning?

Nadine: My drive to succeed and make sure that I am being the best version of myself every day. I am so grateful and blessed for all the opportunities that I have been given, that, that alone gets me out of bed…and then of course, the thought of a good cuppa coffee and breakfast!

Maria: I have to agree with Nadine on this one, it’s work mainly and making things happen, I love what I do and it’s very exciting to see things growing one step at a time!

If you guys were stranded on an island, and you could only bring with you
one food item, what would it be?

Maria: Probably chocolate
Nadine: Good old Peanut Butter, without a doubt! And a spoon of course !

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Interesting & memorable moments you guys have together:

Maria: Don’t know where to start! All our trips for starters! Vietnam must have been one of my favorite times; the whole trip was filled with so many hilarious moments! Skydiving is another one for sure!

Nadine: Oh my do we have many! For me, one of the most memorable moments is us getting stranded and stuck in Georgia due to a heavy snow storm; not that we complained about having an extra day or two off work back then…it was just a whole adventure of us being somewhere that’s totally new to us! And of course, for me…it’s our classic drives of long hours, with Maria sitting in the passenger seat, having momentary bouts of stress and asking her most favorite question to me ‘but, I mean, I don’t understand why?’ LOL it’s more of an inside joke between us, but the scene in the car is just a classic one every time…we then just burst out laughing from being so tired by the end of the day! And yes SKY DIVING! That was a thrilling day for us!

Do you really practice what you preach?
We do! We advocate healthy balanced eating and most importantly moderation, we don’t believe in deprivation and try to practice mindful eating

Any advice for anyone starting their own business?

Maria: Focus is everything … staying motivated is hard but with determination and persistence no matter what the circumstances are, things have a way of falling into place.

Nadine: Believe in yourself and take that leap. Trust that everything will be A-OK and you will be on the right path; and keep pushing and never give up on your dreams!

What’s your favorite meal of the day? And what would it be?

Nadine: Breakfast…I really cannot start my day without having something to eat as soon as I get out of bed. I tend to make a lot of smoothies; just mix whatever fruits and veggies I have in my nutribullet and am good to go.

Maria: Lunch…it’s my most important meal of the day and I feel something is missing if I don’t have a good lunch. It can be anything, from as simple as a hearty salad from Circle to a full Arabic meal like mixed grills and a salad. If I had access to homemade Lebanese food though, that would make my day!

What’s in our fridge?

Maria: Aside from the occasional labneh, cheese and some fruits, my fridge is unfortunately empty most of the time!

Nadine: Oh that’s a good one…if I am being honest, besides water, not much! I’ll have the odd bag of green leafy veggies and avocado with my frozen fruits to make my morning smoothies, otherwise my fridge is quite empty as I am never home, and hate to have food spoilt as we eat out pretty much all the time!

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Are you guys sisters?

Yes and no! Biologically we are not blood sisters…however we pretty much do everything together as sisters do! We eat, work and travel together…we even bicker like sisters do - #soulsisters you can say!

Maria, describing Nadine in ONE word

Nadine, describing Maria in ONE word