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Are we crazy?

Are we scared and frightened?

Are we brave?

Are we strong enough to push through this?

The answer to all these questions is a big fat YES!!!

Just over six months ago, we probably took one of the hardest decisions of our lives yet, when it came to our career, not also understanding the full impact it would have on our personal lives as well! We decided to take that leap, to jump in fully immersed with our decision of no longer working full time for someone else to now working all the time, for our own selves!

We wanted to write this feature, as we get asked a lot about how we are doing since venturing out on our own, what made us decide that it was ‘time’ to start something on our own and to take that ‘risk’, and so we hope that we can give you some insight with some of the common questions we get asked and share with you our daily triumphs, fears and blessings!

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How did we start KeepEATreal?

This is the most common question we get asked, and if we really look back, we technically started our journey on March 1st 2015! That was our first ever post on Instagram and we honestly had no idea where it was going to take us. We both knew this was not a blogging career path, we wanted to do more than that, we wanted to share our passion, our love for food and our expertise in the world of food and nutrition, and so we began slowly on the social media platforms to then almost two years later, hit a crossroad of ‘what next?’ Is this what we want to continue doing…or do we want to expand and explore other opportunities…and so we did!

We submitted our resignations, took that leap of faith and opened up our own nutrition consultancy firm!

What challenges do we face?

Our challenges are many, and some are daily!

From competition, to financial management, to getting new customers and keeping the old, to juggling our work-life balance…you name it.

Though they may seem countless from being our own PRO to managing the whole operation from A – Z, we remain positive, calm and centered.

We are also very blessed to have each other for support and reassurance that everything has a way of working out, somehow!

Funny Moments

Oh my…we have so many! We sometimes don’t know if we should be crying or laughing too!

One really funny moment for us, doing a few legal paper work that was not in English, and Maria basically signing her life away to Nadine to give her full power of attorney, to us only later realizing that we were signing the wrong papers all along!!

Do you have any regrets?

No regrets whatsoever…there is so much learning, and growth since we’ve started this journey.

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So what’s next?

We get asked a lot how are we managing between KeepEATeal and Plotos (our latest venture); and honestly, we stick to a To-Do-List, we have weekly meetings, we set tight deadlines and schedules and we effectively communicate with one another to make sure we run things as smoothly as can be!

We also realized that as much as we plan things, so much just does not always go according to plan, and we have to trust the process and adjust ourselves to whatever comes.

We are very excited, and scared at the same time, to see something grow from scratch, especially that are whole being is so invested in our own companies, and we have the ambition to see it flourish and grow!

Any good books you’ve read and recommend?

We’ve both recently read a few books, some relevant to the entrepreneurial world, others more about life and our purpose of being, so here our top 5 recommendations (some are easy reads, while others are more thought-provoking kind of reads):

·       Get Sh*t Done – Startup Vitamins

·       God Never Blinks, 50 Lessons for Life’s little Detours – Regina Brett

·       Flashes of Thought – Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

·       Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg

·       Crazy is a Compliment, The Power of Zigging When Everyone Else Zags – Linda Rottenberg

Who do you ask business advice from?

For both of us, it’s our dads…we both wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for their endless support, guidance, and trust in what we are doing.

What keeps you going?

Each other! And on a more serious note, our passion to succeed and drive to make a difference and our commitment to change, to be honest!

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