Where does your journey begin? When it comes to making daily changes to your eating habits and lifestyle, it’s always best to make small and gradual changes that are more realistic and sustainable to improving your overall well-being!

Here, we talk about some of our favorite healthy and smart food swaps that can help you along the way too!

Swap Your Fried Eggs to Poached Eggs

Did you know? Each whole egg has about 70-calories, and one of the healthiest ways to enjoy eating eggs is by poaching it…It is significantly lower in calories than if you are eating an egg that is fried or scrambled! Eggs are a great source of protein and healthy fats too. We enjoy our poached eggs on a whole-grain toast, with a few slices of avocado!

Enjoy Avocado as a Spread

We always want different alternatives for spreads to include in our sandwiches, so swap your mayo, sour cream or butter for some smashed avo spread and enjoy the goodness of this fruit! Limit your portion to no more than a tablespoon too.

2 july Poached-Eggs-Avocado-e1498306208131-334x400.jpg

Swap Fruit Flavored Yogurt to Plain, Greek Yogurt

Loaded with lots of sugar, fruit flavored yogurt may taste good, yet not great for your waistline! Opt for plain flavored yogurt, in addition to switching to Greek Yogurt that is packed with protein, vitamins and minerals! We enjoy our plain yogurts topped with seasonal fruits or a sprinkle of super seeds! 

Start Using a Spiralizer, Swap your Noodles for Zoodles

Totally fun to make, zoodles a.k.a zucchini noodles are great swaps for pasta and other noodles! Consider them as a low-carb option for those wanting to eat light too! We enjoy them as salads or even when making bolognaise or pesto spaghetti

Yes! We are going back to basics with Bone Broth

Latest superfood craze is Bone Broth, whether it be beef or chicken, delicious homemade broths have so many health benefits from improved digestion and gut health, to balancing your hormones, reducing inflammation as well as increasing energy levels and improving sleep!

Swap that Milk Chocolate for Some Organic, Dark Chocolate Squares

1 – 2 small squares of dark chocolate during the afternoon energy slump will do the job! For those with a sweet-tooth like us, this hits the spot perfectly! Choose dark chocolate that is at least 70 – 85% cocoa that is loaded with powerful antioxidants, fiber and minerals. Moderation is key though!

2 july Dark-Chocolate-700x400.jpg

Lettuce Cups over Burger Buns

Shave off a few calories and carbs from your typical burger meal, and swap your bun with lettuce cups instead. Careful on the toppings too, include tomato slices, onions and a teaspoon of mustard!  

Go for More GREENS! And Say Yes to Spinach!

‘I am strong to finish when I eats me spinach, I am Popeye the Sailor Man! Toot Toot!’ Well we couldn’t agree more with good old Popeye! Spinach is a versatile veggie that is an excellent source of many vitamins, including Vitamin A & K, as well as being rich in iron. We enjoy spinach leaves in our salads, as well as sautéing them as side dishes to our main meals and including them as greens to our on-the-go smoothies too!  

 Make the switch to Cauliflower Rice

Very easy to make and a great alternative to swapping your rice or couscous dishes! We enjoy cauliflower rice either raw as we toss it into a vibrant and colorful salad or sauté it lightly with some extra virgin olive oil, making it low-carb, paleo and a great side to many of our main meals!  

Don’t like Milk? Try out Kefir

For those that may be lactose-intolerant, or don’t like drinking milk too much, Kefir is a great alternative as it also contains probiotics that may help with improving your gut health and digestion; it is also a good source of protein and calcium. We swap our milk and yogurt for kefir and enjoy it in smoothies, over some muesli or just simply as a 250-ml beverage!

We are true believers in making small, positive steps, today and every day as we achieve our life goals, and these simple swaps not only help us in shaving off a few calories, they also allow us to enjoy an array of different foods and experiment in being creative in the kitchen and with our day-to-day meals. We believe in balance, moderation, quality and quantity and by making changes in the right direction, you will be able to achieve your health and nutrition goals in no time!