Welcoming 2018 with Open Hearts!

The past 12-months has been a journey filled with so much excitement, love, happiness, tears, possibilities, challenges, opportunities and of course, fun and adventure! And so, we are really looking forward to seeing what 2018 has in store for us, both personally and professionally!

For most of us, this is the time we start writing down some resolutions for the new year, and instead, we thought of sharing with you a few of our rituals that we personally do, and hope to continue to do as we learn, develop, and further grow ourselves even more.

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Here’s how we plan to go about this year to lead a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life: 

Embrace the first 30-minutes of our waking hour, without any technology

The habit of checking our phones or emails the minute we open our eyes has become so ingrained in us that it’s so important to just learn to connect with our self and our surroundings upon waking up without the digital world! Keeping a journal next to our bed and jotting down any dreams we may have had while enjoying a nice warm cup of water with some squeezed lemon juice to cleanse our system to get our day started right


Practice Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation have become big parts of our lives, both for various reasons, be it physical, spiritual, and even mental. The practice of doing yoga daily has had many positive benefits for our mind, body, and soul

Get Colorful  

This can be done in so many ways, and one of our favorite practices to do is mindful coloring or DIY canvas painting…We find it such a great way to de-stress and find inner calmness! 

Just Breathe

Even with just some equal breaths in and out, especially when we are feeling stressed out, we find that we can get back into a state of calmness and clarity as we pay attention to our breathing and bring our awareness to the now  

 Be Grateful

We adopt an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’! We keep a gratitude journal and jot down daily at least 3 things we are thankful and grateful for

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Explore The World   

Travelling truly enriches our soul, and recharges our batteries to keep us focused and determined; even if it just for a few days or a long weekend getaway. We love to travel, meet new people, and seek new adventures   

Get Outdoors

Beach walks, SUP sessions, beach yoga, watching the sunrise and sunset…whenever we get a chance, we go outdoors and just simply enjoy mother nature!

 Read a Book a Month

Though we read various magazines, newspapers, blog articles and so on, our aim is to read at least a book a month


Cook From Scratch

With our crazy busy schedules, we end up spending most of our time eating out. This year, we plan to stock up our fridge and pantry with wholesome ingredients and create at least 2 – 3 hearty meals a week from scratch and enjoy the very essence of good, old home-cooking and all the kitchen bloopers that comes with it

Digital Detox

Our job in a way demands us to be connected all the time as well as us running various social media platforms! Our biggest challenge, and it’s almost the same every year, is to learn how to really disconnect, enjoy the moment, and just be present with ourselves and those around us

Sleep Better

Taking a few moments to connect with ourselves by meditating or doing some breathing exercising helps us to calm our mind as we unwind from our day. We are making it a habit to get to bed early, disconnecting from work, any electronics and enjoying some good quality sleep!  


We believe in the power of positive thinking, in doing good and being good…and this famous saying from Mahatma Gandhi is one of our all-time favorite quotes to keep us in check as we strive to live a healthier, happier and more compassionate life.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, 

Your thoughts become your words, 

Your words become your actions, 

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values, 

                                                                                   Your values become your destiny."                                                                                   

Mahatma Gandhi