Eat Healthy, Celebrate and Be Happy!


Hello December!

The month of seasons changing, of snow flakes falling (in some countries at least), of hot chocolate and marshmallow drinks, of families and friends gathering and let’s not forget, the month of feasting!

As we move forward towards the end of this year, most of us will start the celebrations even before the actual celebrations…From festivities here and there, to office and year-end parties, to enjoying the holidays and finding any excuse to just be happier!

And so, one of the things most of us struggle with is how to stay healthy during this joyful season. 

So, here are our top 5 tips to be merry, yet stay healthy over the holidays: 

I. Be Realistic

As you set goals for the new year, be realistic with what you would like to achieve whether it is related to your career, personal life or even health goals. Set SMART goals that are simple yet specific to you, making it not only realistic and timely, as well as measurable and meaningful to you!

II. Plan Ahead

As your social calendar for December gets filled up quite quickly, make sure to plan your meals and snacks wisely. If you are invited for a dinner party, have a small snack about an hour before so that you don’t get to the party and you are ravishingly hungry and end up eating too much. Healthy snack ideas include cut-up vegetable sticks with a tablespoon or two of cream cheese, or a small handful of unsalted almonds or plain Greek yogurt with a few fruit slices on top.


III. Be Mindful, and Look for Options

Before diving into your meal, especially if you are invited to a buffet-style gathering, scout the food table for all options. Be mindful with your eating, engage with all your senses without judgement and enjoy your favorite feast treats and meals.


IV. Put your Fork Down

Though you might not necessarily want to count how many bites you are having at a dinner table, it would however be great if you are able to slow down and chew your meals slowly. Not only are you benefiting from mindful eating, you are also taking time to appreciate your meal and help control your appetite, and any possible weight gain. It takes about 20-minutes for our brains to start registering that it is feeling full.


V. Stick to Your Routine

Though quite tempting to just enjoying the holidays and skip a few gym sessions here and there, it’s also good to stick to your routine even if not 100%! That regular Sunday morning yoga session will do your body and mind wonders as you start your week; and if you feel you really can’t fit in that gym class, make sure to be as active as possible during the day to maintain an active lifestyle as not to pile on the weight with the extra festive calories! 

And so, with these five tips, you are sure to Eat Healthy, Celebrate and Be Happy!